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Laid Off?
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SFI2RetireWell CARES Program

The US Federal government CARES Act provides numerous mechanisms to support you in your potential time of financial hardship. Even if you are not in financial hardship, opportunity exists for you too.
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Have you been temporarily laid-off with the promise of being rehired as soon as the economy improves or “stay at home” mandates are lifted? As a result, you have an opportunity window to upgrade your retirement investment options and have a professional financial advisor to guide you now & through your retirement years.

When your employee status is classified as “separated”, you have the right to rollover your 401K money into an IRA. This change can provide you the ability to work with a professional advisor that has years of experience managing money through up-market and down-market cycles. There are thousands of investment choices to create an IRA portfolio that is proper for you. Call us today at (828) 328-9551 to see how we can help!

Recently Laid Off?

Recently Laid Off?

9 Step Guide for Financial Stability

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