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Frequently Asked Questions

Spectrum Financial is a group of committed financial advisors and staff who help bridge the gap between where you are now and where you would like to be regarding your wealth. We have none of our own financial products, so we can give you complete objectivity advice. We see you as an honored part of our family.

We aspire to provide the best experience with a financial advisor in our area. Because of this, we are honored to meet the majority of our new clients through introductions from our existing relationships. We help individuals, families and businesses make wise financial decisions that will enhance their lives and those they care about.

This strategy is based on the belief that minimizing the loss of principal is key to successful long term investing. Spectrum's Dynamic Asset Allocation portfolio management strategy is designed to preserve capital in down markets and still outperform the S&P 500 in Bull markets.

We understand that choosing a financial service firm is a life changing decision and that everyone makes that choice in different ways. You may begin to learn more about what we do by:

• Calling our office to request information or an introductory appointment
• Requesting information or an introductory appointment via our website
• Attending one of our client events if you have a friend who works with us
• Attending one of our various retirement or investment workshops

Spectrum Financial does not actually hold your money. Your accounts and investment dollars are held at large, well-established custodians and trust companies for your benefit.

Our relationship is consultative. We don't expect you to give up control of your money. We advise you on your options and what we think is in your best interest. You make the final decision and we carry out the plan agreed upon together.

Our initial consultations are always complimentary. As an independent firm, our advisors can choose to structure our compensation in many ways, but it usually falls into three general categories. Depending on a client's situation, needs and circumstances, only one, a combination of two or all may apply.

• The advisor may receive fees for portfolio maintenance and management or trade commissions for individual securities.
• The advisor may receive a fee for our time in the development of a comprehensive financial plan
• The advisor may receive commissions from companies that we place investments with such as mutual funds or insurance products

This topic is covered in-depth in our introductory appointments. Our clients and their advisor make compensation decisions together. All costs, fees and expenses are disclosed to clients before any solutions are implemented.

Our goal with the advisors at Spectrum Financial and client service staff is to work together to provide a "World Class Service Experience". The client service staff lends support to the advisors and handles all client questions and requests of a non-financial nature. Since they get to know our clients quite well, they are usually the first point of contact and are happy to provide timely assistance.

Our Financial Advisors hold new client appointments, develop financial plans, conduct regular review meetings, manage investment portfolios, stay current on market conditions, give public workshops and consult with clients on various planning issues that arise.

Spectrum Financial takes pride in delivering outstanding service with an experienced knowledgeable team. When you contact our office, you will be asked how we can be of service. Our Client Service Staff can address your request or direct your call to the appropriate person.

If you have a question that only your advisor can answer and they are not available to speak with you, we will take a message and have them call you back at the earliest available time; in most cases, the same day. We always welcome the opportunity to address your needs and can often accomplish this through scheduled phone appointments if needed.

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